Senior Solution Manager

Tim Smith, has over 20 years of experience working to provide solutions to commercial clients and government agencies in the Healthcare market. Tim’s experience brings in depth understanding of enterprise wide business processes across the payer spectrum from Claims automation, enrollment and billing to Care Management and constituent engagement. In addition, Tim has developed an in depth understanding of multiple payer types and the lines of business they support. While Tim has played multiple roles such as managing large software and BPO implementation, the majority of his career has been on the frontline working with clients to define solutions that drive client’s future success and growth.

Tim joined Eldorado in 2015 to assist potential clients through the system selection process. This role also includes ensuring the products and services provided by Eldorado continue meet the needs of today’s market as well as support the capabilities needed to allow client success in the future. Tim is focused on providing this input to Eldorado’s modern, componentized Javelina product. Prior to joining Eldorado, Tim served multiple roles over 10 years as a Senior Sales Consultant, Enterprise Business Leader, and most recently Healthcare Portal Product Manager at Eldorado’s parent company Hewlett Packard. Tim was instrumental in the successful business growth and takeover of state programs as a result of Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

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