Professional Services

Professional Services

Eldorado possesses over 30 years of industry experience, helping clients successfully modernize their core benefit and claims platform technologies.

Eldorado’s professional service teams include seasoned industry professionals who understand your payer business and know how to achieve results. Through education, frontline experience with diverse payers, and team-driven project management, Eldorado provides analytical consulting essentials to optimize your core platform and help you increase enterprise-wide operational performance.

System Implementation

Collaboration is one of the core attributes that define how Eldorado's professional service teams ensure efficient and cost-effective transformation to a modernized payer platform. Through comprehensive understanding of your organization's history, unique needs and vision for the future, Eldorado helps you design the blueprint for a successful platform change.

Eldorado uses specialized project teams to conduct system implementation. These teams consist of industry advisors, subject matter experts, and data specialists who collaborate to design, plan, and execute the six intricate stages of system configuration and data transformation.

The Six Intricate Stages of System Implementation

Successful implementation begins with collection of information on:
(a) ancillary systems
(b) current client workflows
(c) existing and historical data topologies
(d) identification of desired operational capabilities.
These metrics are carefully compared to planned requirements (conversion design needs) and systematically mapped within the project scope.

Subject Matter Experts and data specialists collaborate to create implementation design strategies that can bridge current client conditions and potential application requirement gaps.

Project planning is carried out by highly experienced, PMI-certified project managers keeping in mind budget and time limitations, and client's resources. Progress metrics are shared with clients on a continuous basis.

Eldorado provides data transformation tools and techniques to help clients migrate meaningful data to Eldorado's open database architecture. Using weighted methods of data integrity testing and valuation measurement, Eldorado will help your organization modernize core platform systems, and strengthen reliability and usefulness of collected historical information.

Eldorado provides extensive training during implementation as well as year-round. Comprehensive education and training is available online, onsite or through classroom settings to help users gain the knowledge they need to become proficient and productive within the diverse areas of their responsibilities. Eldorado ensures that clients stay on top of all industry and software development and when enhancements are needed, Eldorado provides the necessary training.

Eldorado thoroughly tests each stage of system implementation and data conversion to ensure smooth transition to the new system. Clients can test configuration models through simulation with a dedicated client-testing environment that is within the system (e.g. historically converted data without contamination or disruption of production workflows and platforms.) Once testing is complete, configuration parameters and cleansed data is uploaded for live operation.

Implementation time is greatly reduced by segmenting departmental conversions, which allows for tasks to be executed in parallel.

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